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Thinking about getting married?  We love to see our children find godly life partners in marriage. Therefore, we only perform Christian marriages after proper pre-marital counseling. The decision to get married is yours, the decision to perform the marriage is the pastors.



We love to baptize our babies as a mark of their covenant relationship between them, their family, the Church, and God.  We also love to baptize those who come to faith and have not previously been baptized. We believe in one baptism.  

Since Baptism is a covenantal agreement made on behalf of the child by the parent(s), the Church and God, we normally require parents to be in regular attendance for six months to demonstrate their commitment to fulfilling the covenantal vows made at baptism.



Our Women's Missionary Group support College Ministries through CCO Ministry at LaRoche University with Julianna Kish



We recently became involved with providing grief ministry to those who have lost a loved one or those who have been diagnosed with cancer.

We have found that Stephen Ministry material is a great asset in grief ministry and the healing process.  

Those interested in receiving training in grief ministry should contact the Pastor.


Funeral Services

A funeral is held soon after death. The purpose of these services of death and resurrection is "to praise God and to witness to our faith as we celebrate the life" of one who has died. Therefore, they are worship services.

The service is the opportunity for the community gathering in response to the death of the person, to proclaim our solidarity with each other through this time of grief. But more importantly to proclaim our faith in the resurrection of the dead and the hope of new creation, promised by Christ.

In the event that our Pastor is not available, another Pastor may perform the service provided they contact our Pastor and receive permission. 

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